”Finnish singer-songwriter Sonja Skibdahl moved to Sweden when she was a teenager but still holds Finland close to her heart, especially when she performs her own songs.

When Sonja Skibdahl sings, joy and melancholy intermingle to form a memorably bittersweet soundscape. This bringing together of seemingly disparate elements has been a mainstay of her career. Born in Espoo, Finland, she moved to southern Sweden as a teenager and set about gently developing a career punctuated by collaborations and performances that stretch as far as Australia, England and the US.

This collaborative spirit eventually manifested itself in a three-year project named Låt med mig (Sing With Me). With Skibdahl at the helm, young people with disabilities were given the opportunity to express themselves and develop through the creation of music. Now, after becoming a mother for the first time, she continues to perform in the band Sorgenfri and has also found another musical collaborator in Jonas Hofvander, with their song Hollow Groundset to be released this year.”

Thank you James O´Sullivan for a nice article and interview! 😀 Click on the picture to read the full interview. #goodnewsfromfinland